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2019 North Island Champs

Here are three games from club members who competed in the 2019 North Island Champs run over Easter in Wellington.

The first  game is from round 6, David Scott (1666) v Robert Hurndell (1545).
In some London system games, there’s a focus on kingside attack tactics, especially if the h-file opens. In this game, the focus was queenside, with a steady c-file build-up until the pressure on c6 became too much for black.

This game is from Junior member Geoffrey Gunawan. After securing a win in an earlier round against a player rated 300+ points ahead of him, he faced another 1700+ player in the final round. Geoffrey is the exchange down, but manages to set a nice pawn grab trap with f4 on move 18, and when white accepts is able to grab back equality with some nice tactics, then follow up with good co-ordination of his rook and minor pieces on the queenside to gain a winning initiative. With material even, and time ticking on, Geoffrey opted to secure the half point and offered a draw. But, well done to come back and play his way to this winning  position against a much higher-rated opponent.

Geoffrey Gunawan (1445)  v Lara Heppenstall (1735) Round 8, North Island Championships, 22/4/2019

The final game is Ross Jackson (1928) v current NZ champion Russell Dive (2431) from Round 7 played 22/4/2019. Ross comments “My loss to Russell was possibly a missed opportunity. When he advanced to regain a piece with a pawn fork I rescued the bishop. I should have done 18…Rd8 a move earlier, and shouldn’t have swapped queens into a lost end-game (move 24).”