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It was a battle of the Titans that went on until nearly the stroke of midnight. When the smoke cleared Alan Winfield won against current Kapiti Champion David Paul, putting Alan a clear one and half points into the lead.

The Kapiti Chess Club Rapid Tournament held in the Banana Leaf Restaurant, Raumati Beach was a resounding success.

Over the Saturday, 20 people, including Bob and Viv Smith from Mount Maunganui, played 6 rounds of exciting rapid chess, interrupted half-way by a superb Malaysian Curry. 5 NZ Chess champions were in attendance and International Chess Master Russell Dive won the event with 5 and half points out of 6 games.

Current Kapiti chess champion David Paul came 3rd overall, winning the B grade section with a commendable 4 points. Further details Here and Photos Here.

Round 2 of the Club Champs Series 2 was played.

Another competition, not so much talked about it the Grand Prix Trophy.
This is where players are allocated points for all games played, depending on their result and on how strong their opponent was. These points are accumulated throughout the year and the highest scorer wins. As you can see, David Paul is well ahead, but it’s neck and neck for the next 5 players—it’s going to be close.

For a change of tack—an interesting story from the wires—now Kapiti Chess Club is now considering using metal detectors for all Tournaments:
Final call for the Banana Leaf Rapid—here for Entry Form and further details are available Here.

Series 2 of the Club Champs resumed. Entries for the 2015 Kapiti Rapid are starting to come in and I can report a good response from Club players. Entry Form and further details are available Here.

Congratulations to John Whibley and Paul Frost, joint winners of the Freebird Trophy. Exciting 4 rounds of rapid chess was played and in the final round Paul Frost bet Alan Winfield to take four games from four and inch neck to neck with John Whibley, who lost to Alan Winfield in the previous round. Next Wednesday, we start Series 2 of the Club Champs. Also, Banana Leaf Rapid Social Chess Tournament in two weeks—12 September—more details Here.

The final round of Club Champs—Series A—was played and after a marathon 3 hour battle against Guy Burns, Alan Winfield prevailed to lead the Series. Lars Dobbertin-King’s draw against David Paul edges Alan into the lead, by half a point. Next Wednesday, we play 4 rounds in the final series of our Freedbird Trophy. 7 players are within one and half points from the lead, so, it will be an exciting night with the results determining the winner of this Trophy. Don’t forget the Banana Leaf Rapid Social Chess Tournament—12 September—more details Here.

Current Champion David Paul trounced Alan Winfield to draw even with Alan in the penultimate round of Series One, Club Championships.

On September 12 we will hold the 2015 Kapiti Rapid and it will have more of a social theme, being played out of a local Malaysian restaurant. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, or should I say plate of roti, but a fun, focused day of chess. The aim of the Tournament is of course chess, but, with more of a social flare than usual. 6 Rounds at 25 + 5. Lunch included in the $40 entry fee. Entry Form and further details are available Here.

Newbie—well for this year—Alan Winfield, continues to lead the field, but, current Kapiti Chess champion is sliding in his slipstream, only one point behind. Glyns Mills leads the B &C grades, and is closely followed by a keen pack. Look at our results for full details.

Club Champs are well under way and after 4 rounds Alan Winfield leads the field. It’s early days yet; with two more series to be played in this ultimate Kapiti Chess challenge. On another front, work is well under way revamping our website—there’s still more water to flow under this bridge and by the end of the year we should be all go—many thanks to Lars for his dedicated web-work.

Congratulations to Alistair McGowan, the new Leo Eichholtz Trophy Champion—he won both his games to finally end David Paul’s domination of this prize. Next week, we have a night of Blitz—3 minutes plus 2 second add-on and the following week begins Series One of the Kapiti Club Championship.
Don’t forget Upper Hutt’s annual Rapid Tournament this Saturday 27 June; be there by 9:45, Hapai Building, 879-881 Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt.